Blue Pavilion



The Blue Pavilion project is a new thinking suitable for the general needs of meetings where people need to interact physically.


Due to prevailing circumstances surrounding the Corona virus, physical encounters between people have been almost banned across much of the world. COVID-19 is flying in the air spreading fear, isolation and imposing a new social etiquette among humankind. A  new way of socialising combined with a hygienic trend is currently in development. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that we humans are social beings who prefer a personal contact to feel good and develop.

Blue Pavilion integrates a number of functional modules with separate spaces. The design enables creative meetings between people who in some cases find it difficult to share the same space. The modules include air purifiers and air ionizers, vending machines for both cold and hot beverages, special light screens with daylight controlled automatics, air purifiers in the series AirSteril for cleaning and disinfection of mold, bacteria and even viruses such as e.g. Coronavirus COVID-19, and a multimedia conference context. In a preferred embodiment called Integrator, there are door automatics that allow both access control and extra comfort for people with disabilities.

Working environment

Blue Pavilion was initially submitted as a competition contribution announced on April 06/2020 at, ”Creativity for New Hygienism”, with the aim to respond to the health crisis we are going through at this moment and those we may encounter tomorrow.

The pandemic crisis has almost completely paralysed our normal activities and has massively confined the world’s population at home. Getting back to normal still seems a long way off and it is essential for us to find innovative ways that can help our society cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Certainly we could agree on the fact that we, humans, are social beings who prefer a personal contact to feel good and develop. Although, social distancing measures during COVID-19 have altered the use of space and the effects that population density has on behaviour, communication, and social interaction (proxemics).

Blue Pavilion is our intent to address these challenges  ensuring an unified environment model that enables people to operate as individuals and still focus on succeeding as a team. A healthy workplace is necessary to maintain a positive outcome allowing people to focus on their individual tasks and still work together for the quality of their work.

Working together

Blue Pavilion is our intent to address the challenges of today and assure an unified environment model that allows people to maintain a healthy workplace and still work together as a team.

Interior Design

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